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An independent photovoice project and blog dedicated to generating conversation about self-esteem as a public health issue in Hartford and advocating for creative community landscapingand environmental design in Hartford, CT.
  • June 8, 2012 1:16 pm

    Ghetto greenspace, taken on the Northend of Hartford…just imagine the cinderblocks being repositioned as a work of art, painted, and the lot cleaned up with benches, trash bins, plants and trees. It would act as a temporary placement that will make anyone who passes by feel better about the space in their community.

    There are many lots in our communities that can be used for community gardens, dog parks, or space where public displays of art can be appreciated. Let’s give residents an opportunity to see the beauty that’s in front of them everyday. More color and more greenery has shown to improve the self-esteem and mood of those immersed in these types of environments.

    So Hartford, lets ghettout of the box!